Fruit Focus 2018 – Cluster meeting – IWM PRAISE

The leading fruit industry event fruit focus 2018 has taken place at East Malling, Kent. It comprised tours of the vineyard, led by Dr Julien Lecourt who focused his talk on the IWM PRAISE project.

Julien presented the aim of the project and the experimental plan we are going to follow in the next years. The talk has been followed by demonstration of mechanical weeders by Clemens GmbH. The 2018 Chardonnay planting, dedicated to the studies for the IWM PRAISE project has been presented and Julien discussed the importance of weed management in young vineyards and orchards. A video showing the different weeding technologies -in operation- used in the project will be uploaded on this webpage in the next weeks.

Tours and demonstrations have caught the interest of the public -including fruit growers and vineyard managers- with the promise to discuss the first results at the next Fruit Focus. “Rendez-vous” in summer 2019!

The IWM PRAISE sign in the vineyard
Pinot noir rows after row cultivation with the Clemens Radius SL plus
The Clemens SL Radius plus
Two inter-row management techniques – cultivated vs cover-cropped
Dr Julien Lecourt giving his talk in one of the tours at Fruit Focus 2018