Welcome to IWMPRAISE in the UK – what are we trying to achieve

Welcome to IWMPRAISE in the UK. We are part of a much larger EU funded project (www.iwmpraise.eu) with partners from around Europe.

In the UK we want to support the development and adoption of integrated weed management which works for UK growers in practise. There’s a great opportunity to draw on the expertise and experience of growers from around Europe within this project to help us in that goal.

We want to play a part in the development of a UK-centric conservation agriculture which works for growers in our conditions and under all our commercial and practical constraints. In  doing that we know we are not doing the work in isolation and we want to partner with and support other people who are active in this area (BASE-UK, No-till alliance and others)

The key partners in the UK are NIAB and Rothamsted Research but the project would not be possible without the support of  a range of companies in the UK (Garford Farm Machinery, Abacus Organic, Innovation for Agriculture, Sly Agri, Cotswold seeds, Courtyard partnership).

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